9 Benefits of Grooming your Dog


9 Benefits of Grooming for Your Dog: Choose a Professional stylist or Do It Yourself? 

For those of you that couldn’t get into the hair dresser or spa during the COVID-19 pandemic , You may have noticed that  your appearance was drastically different without some professional assistance.  Looking into the mirror did you notice the following: Hair is growing in every direction, your beard is unkept (and that includes the ladies!) and you may have been mistaken for the Creature from the Lagoon!

Well, the same situation can apply to your formerly “ pampered pooch”without regular grooming…If  they have so many knots in their tail  that they are being called “Dreadlock Dog”, its time to pay more attention to your pets appearance. When you see that the poor creature has more mats in their hair than a carpet factory and claws that are being compared to Edward Scissor Hands, you know its time to make a decision….  Either pay for a professional groom, or try your best to become a Do It Yourself  stylist.

Your dog may not notice his appearance in the mirror, but he can sense the revulsion in people when there is a bad odor emanating from him or people aren’t too anxious to play and pet him.  In addition, the dog may suffer when claws start obstructing his walk or his skin is itchy from a lack of grooming.

The goal of these grooming sessions aren’t just about keeping your pooch pretty., Your animals health, hygiene and comfort are at stake.  Both professional stylists or DIY grooming by the Pet Parent takes an investment in time, money and developing a proper skill set.  So how do you decide which way to go? Save time but pay for the groom or DIY and risk scalping the animal?

If your Canine could talk, he would list the many benefits of professional dog grooming:

1HEALTHY COATS AND SKIN Regular grooms maintain a healthy coat and skin. A professional groomer knows that the skin of your dog will reflect his diet. If their diet is imbalanced, your dog may have unhealthy skin,dull looking fur and hair loss, Groomers are usually good at  detecting  the pets problem from its root and will recommend a process to start healing the skin . The result will be a  shiny, silky coat for your pet. As a pet owner, you may have noticed this yourself, and seeked advice from your veternarian. However, your stylist will likely be familiar with your dogs appearance and note observations when brought in regularly.

2 DETECTION OF INFLAMMATION AND INFECTION Trained groomers can detect underlying issues with ears, skin,and teeth early in the process before they become infected. Skin conditions such as excema.can be diagnosed, before it creates severe irritation. Follow up with the vet who can recommend the  most suitable products to protect your dog’s skin from inflammation .

3  PARASITES Another problem that can be observed by a groomer is when your dog has parasites. You may not notice the flea circus act under their hair, or ear mites and other parasites lurking on the dogs body. Certified groomers are familiar with dog anatomy. They are taught to notice unusual abnormalities that may be early warning signs of disease.Areas to look for are  bald patches, bleeding, lumps, skin discoloration, lesions, gum discoloration or  Groomers will thoroughly inspect the dogs paws for thorns, punctures or cuts.  They carry various antiseptic solutions to apply to treat the dog before infection sets in.

4 NAIL TRIMS Regular nail trims reinforce healthy posture and foot structure, and reduces the risk of infection by keeping the nails short and not becoming ingrown. When I first started trimming nails, my dog would not stay still as he was afraid that I might hurt him. Professional pet groomers know exactly how to cut nails without causing scratches, cuts or any skin irritations. Dogs can tell when someone is nervous trimming their nails. Once a month nail trimming is a necessary procedure.  You can end up cutting the nail too short and hitting a blood vessel.. A dog groomer knows where to cut the nails so they are the appropriate size and how to keep the dog calm during the process.

PROPER HAIR STYLING While some dogs have short hair, there are other dog breeds whose hair is continuously growing, such as Poodles.     For these selective breeds, there are classic styles that a groomer will know how to cut properly. Otherwise, your dog may look like a punk rocker or a skin head depending on how enthusiastic your scissor skills are and if the scissors is the appropriate tool for the job.

6 SHAMPOOCH AND FRAGRANT SMELLS You will enjoy waking up to a pet who smells great and looks remarkable. A few of the fragrances I bought for my pets fur were actually quite irritating. Your groomer will suggest better products that will smell natural.  Often, the cheaper frangrances and shampoos the DIY stylists buy off the store shelf have strong chemicals or allergens. Groomers have access to professional products that are deemed safe for the pooch.

7 AVOID MATTING Properly clipped and brushed coats help avoid a tangled mat that will be painful to comb out  or have to be cut out. If you decide to do this yourself, invest in a few good brushes, trimmers and detangling shampoos.

8 MASSAGE While you may love massaging your dog, you haven’t gone to school to learn  your pet’s muscle groups. A groomer can help relax the animal and  de-stress him with a proper massage This provides numerous health benefits such as  stimulating the dog’s circulatory system. It relaxes them during the grooming process.  For the pet owner who wants to DIY the massage, check out some you tubes on proper massage techniques, as this can be a great bonding time between you and your fur baby..

9 PROPER GROOMING SUPPLIES Home stylists usually do not have the  appropriate Grooming Supplies. Using scissors that cut your kids paper mache projects is not going to solicit top results on your pet. A professional groomers  shaving and combing supplies will be selective to suit long and short haired breeds and to avoid irritation on the animal.

TIPS OF THE TRADE Lastly, the little tips you get from your groomer are essential to the dogs continued health.  They can provide you with great information on teeth cleaning, ear cleaning and brushing out mats on their coat  My groomer also recommended a great raw food diet and probiotics for my dog that did improve his nutrition.

So there are lots of benefits to choosing a professional dog groomer.  If you wish to DIY, take the time to purchase the correct tools and learn proper techniques to achieve an acceptable result for your pet.  In the short run, it may be more  costly than the professional experience. It will also take time to learn the grooming skills , but your wallet and pet will be happy that you invested the effort.

This subject reminds me of a sign I saw in a Groomers retail outlet… ” Don’t complain that your Dogs groom is more expensive than your Hair Dresser… It is less likely that you will be bit and scratched and you don’t pay for an Anal Gland Squeeze” 

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