Dog Waste Removal

Why Remove Animal Waste.

While you may feel  pride of ownership to have a well-kept property, is it a waste of time to be picking up waste?  You may not care about  an unsightly dog poop on your lawn, even if  the neighbours  are giving you the evil eye. No matter how you look at it, it is  a necessary but seemingly unpleasant task to pick up dog poop.

You may not care about the social pressure to keep a tailored lawn that is pristine, due to your neighbors comments. However, there are many reasons why you should have your animal waste removed from the yard or building:

Leaving animal waste around poses potential concerns to family health, public disease exposure and environmental concerns

  • You should not leave simply your dog’s poop in your yard so that it breaks down on its own. It could contain bacteria and parasites that would be harmful to dogs as well as people.
  • The odor will begin to smell and attract flies particularly in the warmer month.
  • If you burying your dog’s poop, it could also expose the local groundwater to pathogens, which is a public hazard.
  • Animal waste could get swept into storm drains, if you leave poop in your yard. This could eventually end up in local water sources that are not designed for bio hazards such as pathogens and intestinal worms.
  • While composting is a good idea for some products, your dog’s waste will not get hot enough in the compost pile so it wouldn’t sufficiently break down the bacteria and parasites that may be in the poop.

We will remove it quickly and efficiently… One time, weekly or monthly.

We pick up dog poop, all in one scoop, with our talented Dog Waste Troupe

Why Remove Animal Waste

At Allstar Pet Patrol, we remove the dog poop, all in one scoop, by our talented Cleanup Troupe. Dog feces is unsightly, has a foul smell, and creates a bio hazard. As a responsible pet parent and home owner,its important to do regular clean ups...Your unpleasant task is our pleasure!

Waste Service

Using a series of tools, we rapidly remove animal waste from your yard. This can be put into your Green Bin, or Hauled off site .Appointments vary -usually 30-60 minutes. Please inform us of yard access, time you are home, gate latches, and remove animals from yard during service.


Prices depend on:
a) Location
b) Yard Size
c) No of Animals
d) Surface to clean (ie-grass, concrete, snow, ice)
e) How long since its been cleaned?
Call us for a quote at
403-253-0809 wk,
403-619-5205 cell or
[email protected]

Pet Waste Removal Service Details

  • Allstar Pet Patrol visits are tailored to meet your waste removal needs. We dispose of the waste in your green bin or cart it off site.
  • We bring our own Waste removal equipment and bags for composting.
  • Appointment for time and date for cleanup should be arranged at: 403-253-0809 wk or 403-619-5205 Cell with the Doggie Diva.
  • If arrangements have been made to meet you at your home, we will call, email or knock on the door to let you know our Service Representative is there to clean your yard.
  • For regular cleanups booked, a note to verify our visit will be left at your door or a personalized email letting you know our Service Representative was at your home.
  • Please arrange to have entry to your yard and safe passage into the property… Unlock gates and ensure they are easy to reach over to undo the latch.
  • Pets should be out of the yard for the security of the Service Provider.
  • Options for waste disposal can be a) In your green bin OR b) hauled off site for disposal.

Our story

We started out in the safety business, but had an equal love of animals. We decided to combine these two objectives into one necessary task: Make your yard pleasant and sanitary, preventing disease when the kids play and keeping the property clean? Enjoy your pets without the unpleasant job of cleaning up their poop.

Animal waste is a hazard to your children’s health and to your pets. We can do a one-time cleanup or book regular waste removal. Enjoy your BBQ on the deck without having to wade through a landmine of waste! Contact Allstar Pet Patrol. [email protected], 403 253-0809 wk, 403 619-5205 cell. Contact the Doggie Diva for a quote.