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Does My Dog Love Me?

I Love my Dog but Does My Dog Love Me?


7 Signs to tell that your Dog Loves You

Though they can’t put their love into words, dogs have an unexpectedly large repertoire of ways to show their love for you.

From subtle body language to over-the-top displays of affection, your pooch is probably showering you with devotion in plenty of surprising ways.

Women’s Best Friend has a reputation for bonding with it’s human but how do you really know your Dog Loves you? What if they are only hanging around for the food, entertainment, and a roof over its head?

Relationships can be complicated, just like it can be between humans. However, there are ways for you to confirm the Love Affair between your Canine and You isn’t just superficial.

Unlike humans, dogs have a different method to express their emotions. Some are subtle and some are obvious, especially when you get to know your dog well. So, here are a few observations on doggy love.

To answer the question: “Do our dogs love us ?” The simplified answer is: Yes.

Unlike people, our dogs tend to give us unconditional adoration. Since they are not human, we have to look closely for these signals.

Here are 7 signs.

1. The Dog is Happy to see you When You Get Home

My dog is thrilled when I enter the premises, especially if I have been gone a couple of hours or more. He leaps up and down and runs around in circles until he can reach me. If the dog licks your hands and face, wags his tail or brings you a favorite toy, it’s a good sign that they are joyous that you have arrived. Studies show dogs are even more excited to see their favorite human than another playmate dog.


2. Leaning on you or nuzzling against you.

Humans would be adverse to lean up against someone they don’t

know or trust. The same reaction is true of your dog.

Leaning against you on the sofa or on the floor means the dog feels safe and enjoys the warmth of your body. Touch is very important to canines, especially if they can cuddle next to their special human. They may lean against their leader when they want protection if they are feeling scared or anxious. The key thing with leaning on you is a desire to be close to their human and show their love. This can be very comforting if you feel sad, as animals have an innate way of sensing your emotions. Gentle nuzzling mimics the maternal instincts they learned from their mothers as puppies. When they lean or nuzzle you, it releases oxytocin, a good feeling hormone, in both humans and dogs.

3. Sleeping with you or in your bedroom

Dogs are pack animals and don’t like being separated from their group.

You may not want to allow your dog to sleep with you in your bed. If it still insists on sleeping in the bedroom near you, he really loves you. Why? This signals that the pet loves you, is very loyal, and doesn’t want to be apart from his pack. This may also be guarding behavior, as dogs want to protect the humans they love.

4. The Dog Carries Your Stinky Shoes and Socks Around.

Dogs feel comfort when they pick up the scent of their human. They love the scent and want to be close to it.
This is why I recommend putting a toy or pillowcase with the owner’s scent on it when the dog has to be in a crate without the owner. It’s a good strategy to leave worn clothing if you have to board your pet too, as it will smell the owner on the item and feel more relaxed.

5. Making Eye Contact

In the animal kingdom, staring into another dogs eyes may be interpreted as an aggressive act. Sustaining Long and direct eye contact is reserved for people you generally trust, love, and feel safe with. but if socialized to do it, the gaze indicates a deep trust and affection.


6. Doggy Kisses and Licking

Dogs are innately social creatures who enjoy, kissing and licking their human, as an indication of their affection for them. Grooming is another intimate ritual that they have retained from their ancestors. It notes a strong bond with their owners by nosing, licking, and kissing them.

When they are gently nosing your leg, arm or hand, they want your attention and are asking you to interact with them.

7. Following their Leader

Canines, are naturally social animals and enjoy spending quality time with their human family. Like their early ancestors, a dog’s Instincts to stick with their pack for survival are still present in their DNA. When they perceive you to be the pack leader, your dog follows you around to show his love and respect.

So yes, your Furbaby loves you at least as much as you love it and shows you so every day and in every way. What other ways does your dog show that it loves you? Please let us know in the comments below.


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