DIY Dog Designs

Pets bring such joy and sunshine to a cloudy day… Since they add so much to your life, why not provide them with some fabulous and unique items? Like most gifts, it is much more enriching to make something yourself instead of purchasing an item that anyone could buy at a Department store.

This DIY Design page will feature regular additions regarding unique Do It Yourself projects.

Check out the DIY ideas, in video and other format for your perusal.  Various subjects will be :

  • DIY Furniture, such as Dog Crates, Dog Beds, Feeding Trays and Under Stair Dog Houses.
  • DIY Pet Foods
  • DIY Pet Clothes
  • DIY Pet Toys

We would love to hear from our readers. Please send your commercially- free licenced  DIY designs for our gallery to:

[email protected]

Creatively Yours,
The Doggie Diva

DIY Pet Furniture

Put dog mat under night desk


Put dog mat under night desk

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Make baby changing table into mat for dog and feeding station


Make baby changing table into mat for dog and feeding station

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Cat Tree out of clothing stand


Cat Tree out of clothing stand

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DIY Pet Foods

DIY IDEA: Ice lick

Freeze a bowl of chicken or beef broth into a cake mold. Put in toys or freezable treats. The dogs will spend hours licking it to receive their treat as it melts.

DIY Pet Clothes

DIY Pets crafty clothes ideas:

  1. Buy Baby socks and put them on toy dogs feet when they are walking outside on snow or sappy environments
  2. Get used Baby Dresses and T shirts. Cut out area for arms and size on puppies or small pets
  3. Buy a bag of assorted buttons at the craft sale. Take your plain dog jacket and sew or glue buttons over the back of the clothing. It makes a unique and colorful new dog outfit for under $10.
  4. Take your scrap material and cut into a square. Wrap an elastic in the middle and tighten to make a bow tie. Attach to a band to place around the dogs neck for a fancy bow tie or measure to place on an elastic to make a hair bow for your Fur Baby!

DIY Pet Toys


Wrap 3 balls in cloth and tie bows and knots between each ball for a fun toss toy

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