Calming Signals that Dogs use to Communicate

  Calming signals are a means of communication that your dog provides to other animals and humans when they might be in a threatening situation. They represent are a sort of Peacekeeping language amongst dogs.  They are universally understood by other dogs  as a communication  tool and is utlitized when they are concerned  that another […]

Stress signs in Dogs and What They Are Trying to Tell You

  When you are staring at your dog’s beautiful eyes, her expression can speak 1000 words… But don’t you wish that these expressions would actually translate into a language that humans can understand? Animals have their own methods to communicate their emotions to their human counterparts… They are often different than how our own species […]

5 ways to calm your dog

As a Puppy Parent, its important to be a Calming influence on your pooch. But what if your dog seems frequently anxious? Just like figuring out why a newborn baby is crying, you need to learn the signals that may causing your dog to be stressed out. When I first bought my dog, I did […]

9 Benefits of Grooming your Dog

  9 Benefits of Grooming for Your Dog: Choose a Professional stylist or Do It Yourself?  For those of you that couldn’t get into the hair dresser or spa during the COVID-19 pandemic , You may have noticed that  your appearance was drastically different without some professional assistance.  Looking into the mirror did you notice […]