How Do you Stop Excessive Barking?

By Arliss T.E. Levine – The Doggie Diva Aww… the peaceful quiet of a lovely long weekend… but, it is suddenly disturbed by the loud barking of our dogs. As soon as we shoo them outside, the neighbors start giving us dirty looks over the fence. But, fear not, as they will have to complain […]

Pet License: Peaved or Pleased?

Why do your local municipalities charge for a Dog or Cat licence? If you are opposed to the constant tax grabs that your city or town charges, you may be asking yourself the question:  “ Why do I have to pay a licence fee to own a cat or dog”? There are actually a lot […]

Dog Exercise Routine

DOG GONE IT… ITS EXERCISE TIME!   Whether you have a young puppy or a senior dog,  exercise is an important addition to their daily routine. While some of us 2 legged species view exercise as a dreaded activity, most animals love it and wait with anticipation to get out to the dog park . When […]

Dog Waste Cleanup

dog poop statue

Doo Doo Disposal of Dog poop from your yard. As springtime blooms, a wonderful fragrant blush of fresh air lingers around your home…Ahhh… a deep breath  invites floral scents into the sensory part of your brain, that warms ones soul… Or, is it the stench of melting dog feces, hidden under a snow bank in your yard?!!! If […]