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Allstar Pet Patrol is a Calgary based pet company. If you are searching for extra help for your Furry friends, your Dogs and Cats will be provided with loving pet services at a reasonable rate.

My name is Arliss T E Levine, or The Doggie Diva – as I am known. I am the proud owner of a beautiful Fur Baby- a Papillon – A Belgian/French Spaniel Toy Dog who is a 6th generation Show Dog. Until I invited this beautiful animal into my family, I had no idea what a source of love and light came from a 9 pound being! Since then, the “light” turned on and my passion for pets has been illuminating. I discovered how much a pet can add to the quality of life and decided that my business choice should include my love of all things furry and fabulous.

I  am a Calgarian that is appreciative of all the fabulous walking paths and dog parks that have provided recreational activities for my dog and my client’s pets. Walking dogs has provided the aerobic exercise that I need to stay in shape and provided a great bonding time for myself and the animals that stride along with me.

My career as a Safety Consultant and trainer honed the interest in providing a safe environment for animals and a desire to train them in obedience. I instruct Wildlife and Bear Awareness programs to industry, which highlighted the knowledge about animal instincts and behavior. In addition, I am a First Aid Instructor, so I carry first aid supplies along in preparation of any emergencies on a walk with your pet. Since the potential for incidents can happen whenever an animal is out near other canines or traffic, I have taken Dog CPR.

Once our dog entered the household, I started attending training classes with my pet at numerous dog schools. I often get remarks on how smart and well behaved my dog is, which is due to consistent behavioural training. I have participated and am a handler in puppy classes, rally obedience, agility, flyball, recall classes and tricks class.  This experience and the psychology of animals that I have processed has significantly broadened my ability to handle dogs of all species, ages and sizes. I feel that I have learned to read their Body Language which provides me with the confidence to understand their needs and improve communication.

The objective of Allstar Pet Patrol is to combine affordability and meeting your pets personal needs!! We want to see your pet regularly, so being a helpful service provider at an economically sound level makes sense.

We  create a balanced lifestyle for your furry favorite feline or dog. At Allstar Pet Patrol, your pet visit will be a  perfect pleasure for you and your pet. Whether you desire walks, pee breaks, some grooming or boarding, we can do it all. Our Doggie Diplomats and Walky Jockeys are ready for booking.

We would love to talk to our 2 legged friends about their 4 legged ones..

Arliss T E Levine – Doggie Diva 403-253-0809 wk 403-619-5205 cell