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Call Allstar Pet Patrol or contact us below to arrange to have your Dog and Pet waste professionally cleaned from your yard in the Calgary area.

Time and pricing depend on: a few factors:

a) Location

b) Size of yard …

Allstar Pet Patrol is your One Shop Stop for Pet Yard Waste Removal, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding and more!.  

We also have other services available upon request including pet grooming, pet training and pet supplies. 

We are Pawsitively pleased to help you with your Canine needs.. Our service ishares the fido experience with for our 2 legged friends. 

Dog Walking, Pee Breaks and Feeding for your Canine friend.

Contact Allstar Pet Patrol to arrange your Dog Walking and in-home Pee breaks.

We offer a variety of services, based on time for the visit, location and day of the week.

Our Doggie Diplomats are experienced professionals who can be trusted with your pet.

Security, Safety and a Friendly visit are ensured. 

COVID-19 Plan

COVID-19 Plan

For the Safety of our Walkies Jockeys and Pet Owners alike, we have established a Covid-19 response.

As a precaution, during the Pandemic for Covid-19, we can meet Pet Owners outside their homes or from 6 feet when picking up pets for walking or boarding. We have the option of wearing protective masks when meeting, as well.

If Doggie Diplomats have to enter your property to pick up your pet, they will wear gloves when touching door knobs or stairwells upon request.

Dogs are walked on leashes no longer than 6 feet (2M) to avoid contact with other dogs they do not know or strangers.

Please inform us if you:

  • Have been out of the country internationally within 14 days
  • Have been exposed to a person with Covid-19
  • You or your pet is suffering from Covid-19 symptoms

Don't Paws to Contact us!

(403)253-0809 wk 619-5205 cell

available from 8:00 – 19:00 –

7 days per week

Servicing the Calgary area